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Dance Arts Academy has watched many of its members dance on Broadway, at Radio City Music Hall, and join prestigious dance companies around the world.

Welcome to Dance Arts Academy

The critically acclaimed, award-winning studio renowned for its artistic and athletic excellence. Offering personalized instruction for Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Pointe, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Leap&Turn, delivered in a fun, yet focused manner. We turn students into stars!

Our state-of-the-art facility Located in Boonton New Jersey, offers male and female student classes of all ages.

Formed in 1992 by Heather Soccio, Dance Arts Academy has watched many of its members dance on Broadway, at Radio City Music Hall, and join prestigious dance companies around the world.

Find out why Dance Arts Academy has such great success.


Curriculum at Dance Arts Academy


Acrobatic training teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and above all, discipline and concentration. Basic tumbling skills such as cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings as well as more challenging tucks and aerials will be incorporated with strength training and conditioning.


Classical yet vibrant, traditional yet evolving, the technical training of ballet is the basis of all dance movement. Ballet training is essential to all other dance styles, and develops grace, poise, posture and musicality. We strongly recommend taking Ballet in addition to any other dance form you are interested in.


A beautiful blend of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern. Dancers learn the technique of Ballet, the rhythms of Jazz, and the emotion of Modern. This dance form is frequently seen on the popular television program "So You Think You Can Dance". Ballet is encouraged to execute the Contemporary style more efficiently. Improvisation is used quite often in this class to assist the students to develop their very own artistry.


A funky, contemporary form of jazz with a sharp, street-smart edge that will add another dimension to your level of performance. This high energy class will focus on musicality and style as well as the history and culture of hip hop dance. Previous or current training in Ballet technique is encouraged but not required for students attending this class.


Jazz dance ranges in style from the excitement of funk to the bravura of Broadway. Jazz technique develops strength, coordination, and the controlled movement of each part of the body. Ballet in conjunction to this class is encouraged for maximum overall improvement.


An extra class designed to promote flexibility and push students a little further than their bodies naturally allow, in a safe and guided way. In addition, dancers will work on jumps and turns that are pertinent for dancers to use in ballet, jazz and Contemporary class. There will be no performance opportunities for this class.


Tap works the ears as well as the feet. Rhythm skills are essential to building a solid dance education. Emphasis is placed on precision, speed, and clarity of sound with an upbeat and fun approach to rhythm and dance.


A wonderful introduction to dance for our youngest students. Fundamental ballet, tap and jazz exercises are taught, and basic motor skills and rhythm exercises are reinforced. Dancers are encouraged to explore the use of their creative minds in relation to movement.

Super Small Fry is for our youngest dancers ages 3-4 and Small fry is for our 5-6 year old students. This is a 45 minute class. Some students with longer attention spans are encouraged to try a full hour class in any of our above dance forms. We of course, strongly suggest you first begin with a full hour ballet to start. If Ballet is taken in your child's younger years, they will quickly be able to pick up all the other dance forms if they at some point become more serious about dance.

Although previous ballet training is not required for admission to jazz, tap, and contemporary classes, the technical training of ballet provides a strong foundation for all other dance forms.

Students will enhance and improve their progress in other dance styles by attending a ballet class.

If you are unsure of what class to register for, call us! 973-331-1111

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