New Safety Measures at the Studio

As of July 2, the state of New Jersey has approved the opening of dance studios. We are taking the following measures to prepare for our season and ensure your children's safety. These are the protocols and procedures that the studio will follow at this time. Modifications may be made, should the need arise, during the season


Changes to Studio, Common Areas and Classrooms 


Masks will be required upon entry and must be worn at all times with the nose and mouth covered.  This will be strictly enforced. 

  • Parents will not be able to stay in the lobby during their child’s class time.  


  • One parent/guardian will be allowed to enter the studio for dancers ages 6 and under. All other students will be picked up and dropped off outside of the studio.


  • Anyone entering the building must wear a face mask in the lobby, bathroom, classroom, and all hallways.  


  •  Students must maintain a 6-foot distance throughout the common areas and classrooms. 


  • Students must wash hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before and after class. 


  • Office will be closed to students and parents. Payment can be made online via credit card or Venmo, or your child can leave a check in the office mailbox. 


  • We are requesting that if any supplies are needed for classes (weights, yoga matts, etc. they will be brought in and brought home by the individual student)



   Zoom Class Still Available

  • Zoom class will be offered as an option to those not comfortable returning to the studio at this time. 



  Studio Adjustments


  • Thorough sanitizing and cleaning of all studios and common areas on a daily basis.

  • Installation of hand sanitizers throughout the studio.

  • Vending machines will be closed per NJ COVID regulations.

  • Six-foot markers have been set up in each studio for dancing.

  • Designated spots on floors in studios and common areas to indicate social distancing precautions.

  • Instructors will adjust teaching methods to make sure that students maintain a 6-foot distance during group classes. 

  •  All barres and other in class equipment will be wiped down in between classes. 



  Parent/ Student Responsibilities 


  • We ask that parents please check their child’s temperature before class to ensure that they do not have a fever. 


  • Students must stay home if they have a cough, fever, or if a member of their household has been sick or is showing signs of sickness. 


  • Students must wash hands when entering or leaving the studio with hand sanitizer. 


  • Reusable water bottles are not permitted at this time. Disposable water bottles can be brought with the students name clearly written on it, but must be disposed of prior to leaving the studio. 


  • Students will need to avoid unnecessary contact such as hugs, hand shakes, high-fiveswith non-household members. 


  • There is absolutely no food or drink, other than a water bottle, permitted in the       studio by anyone. 


  • Please only bring in the shoes/equipment necessary for the individual class. 


  •  Large dance bags and school backpacks will not be permitted.  


  • Anything brought into the studio must remain with the dancer at all times. 


  • Please try to be on time when you drop off and pick up your child for class. This will avoid class delays owing to the COVID protection protocols being instituted at the beginning and ending of class.


  • If your child should become sick during class, you agree to pick up your child in a prompt and timely manner.  



If you or your child cannot comply with these rules after repeated warnings, you may be asked to discontinue classes at DAA. 

In Closing: 

We are confident that we will find creative ways to function as a community and to support each other through this challenging time. Thank you for working together to minimize risk, keep our staff and dancers safe and our studio operational! Please continue to check our website for additional updates and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns that you might have.  At DAA, we care deeply about your child’s safety during these unprecedented times. 

Thank you all so much. Be well, and take care of one another.

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